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hey peoples

does this work for a start? hope it does
ok here are a few things you should know...
* I dont know how to use this! *snivel*
*i am a total fangirl so if you dont like it, forget about it!
*It would help if you had at least one intrest that's the same as mine
*I really suck at spelling , so dont blame me for my bad spelling!
*Dont flame this! or any of my friends journals either!
*I'm a total Hermione and Ron shipper (off Harry Potter) so if you dont like it, just deal with it
*I like Shannon Noll more than Guy Sebastian on Australian their!
*Dont add me if your one of those crazy people who wants to have 1000 friends on their journal
*It would be nice if you commented on any of my entries...otherwise i'll start to feel unloved

Ok, that would be everything i can think of now...bai bai!
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