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I have a crush on every single boy!

Exept the following guys…

Bronie ^_^
29 August
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Just say NO to idiots.

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Color Bars! (I made the first five! Arn't I a nerd?!?)

Bubbles is Love!

Monkeys are love!

Santa is Hot

Hayley Jensen is my Australian Idol!

Guinea Pigs are Love

Livejournal is love where these damn colorbars started.

Marriage is love.

Aussie Idol <3

I live for Australian Idol

anthony callea & casey donovan is love

Claimed Evanescence, What about me by Shannon Noll, and Benji Madden at claim_the_music

Claimed Australia at _countrytheif

Claimed Roo (off Winnie the Pooh) at claim_cartoonz

Hey! I'm Bronie. I'm 14, and i'm from that crazy capital of Australia (A.K.A, Canberra *groan*)
I have a friends only journal, and if you really want to be my friend, and you've got a fair few intrests like mine, Go ahead and post in my friends only banner thingie.
Umm, thats all really!

*cough* porn *cough*, 2 dollar shop, =), ^_^, a perfect circle, american idol, animals, anti-anthony callea, anti-guy sebastian, anti-howard, apple computers, ashlee simpson, australia, australian idol, australian idol 2, avril lavigne, batemans bay, being a slave, being different, being dumb, being weird, boredom, boys, britney spears, broadband, bubbles, burning things, canberra, candy, chatting, cheese, chickens, chocolate, coffee, computers, cookies, curly hair, dancing, daniel radcliff, delta goodrem, dicko, dogs drinking alchohol, dust bunnies, fairies, finding nemo, fm104.7, food, friends, funniest home videos, gangshow, good charlotte, greatest journal, guinea pigs, half-blood prince, harry potter, having 150 interests, hayley jensen, hello kitty, hermione granger, hilary duff, hillary duff, homestarruner.com, hugs, ice cream, internet, jay jays, jessica lovejoy, jet, jk rowling, johnny depp, jojo, lisa simpson, livejournal, lizzie mcguire, lj addicts, love, lying, maggie simpson, makeup, mark latham, maroon 5, marshmellows, me, meeting new people, monkeys, movies, mp3s, msn, msn messenger, muggles, music, neighbours, neopets, nirvana, omg, optus, peanut butter jelly, penguins, photobucket, pirates of the caribbean, poking ants with sticks, poking stuff, porn ;), postcode pride 2905, powerpuff girls, ralph wiggum, randomness, ravenclaw, reading, reel big fish, rob mills, ron and hermione, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rove live, rupert grint, shannon noll, shopping, simple plan, singing, sisco, slaves, sleeping, smiley central, something, song lyrics, spongebob squarepants, standing out, stuff, sugar, supre, swimming, teen girl squad, text messaging, the killers, the simpsons, tim tams, tom felton, tv, unpopularity, video hits, winnie the pooh, world domination, yellowcard, , , , , ,